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There it is: our new album “Timelapse’.

It is the 10th anniversary celebration release with 3 brand new tracks, 3 reworked songs and a live registration of the song ‘Deucalion’. Thank you all for 10 years of support and of course we hope you will enjoy the album! ‘Timelapse’ is in store now!

6th Northern Prog Festival announced

On Saturday, November 3 it will happen again: the 6th Northern Prog festival! We’re so proud to present you the whole line-up for this years event: IOEarth (UK), Walfad (PL), Novatia (NL), Defiance (NL) and Leap Day (NL) If you want to be part of it, you can order your tickets now. Transfer your money (€25 per ticket) to IBAN NL42ABNA0444015558 (BIC ABNANL2A) on behalf of Leap Day, Bakkeveen, The Netherlands Don’t forget to mention you full name and address. You can also use PayPal by using our mailaddress. Your tickets will be ready for you at the doors on November 3. If you have any questions, please mail us:

Update: Please welcome our new bass player: Harry Scholing

As of now Harry Scholing is our new bass player. He is an experienced musician for more than 40 years and is already rehearsing with the band. Harry has played for several years with Eddie in the mid 80’s and recently did a show with Jos and Eddie. And now he is the new kid in town. Together with Harry we will start working on a new studio album as soon as Timelapse (our upcoming album) has been released.


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