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About us

During a performance of the “King Eider live band” on Progfarm 2007, it became clear that the interplay between the musicians could easily lead to another band or project and so it did. All the musicians involved wanted to continue. Only guitarist Hans Gerritse (Nice Beaver) who had originally been asked to join the band had to cancel, because the distance between his residence and the location to rehearse was too large. Therefore, Eddie Mulder (who had just left Flamborough Head) was asked to join. Now with six musicians again, they started writing music and rehearsing. On the 29th of February 2008 Leap Day was officially born. In a few months a demo cd containing three songs was recorded and soon after that Leap Day signed a contract with OSKAR Productions (Poland)

Gert van Engelenburg

As a seven year old boy he started playing the organ. After seven years of classical training he started playing in bands, though none of them were that interesting. Besides keys Gert also played, at that time, some guitar. He's got a degree in Child music. Gert has written lots of child musicals, but has also composed for adult theatre. Besides writing music for Leap Day, he still goes on writing for child musicals. Gert is a teacher in primary education.

Hans Kuypers

When Hans was about 7 years, he liked music a lot and listened to bands like The Beatles, Boston, Led Zeppelin and Nazareth on the radio. He started singing in a rockband and bought his first Shure 58 at the age of 25. He took vocal lessons and learned to write songs. Hans his vocal influences came from John Lennon, Ronnie James Dio and Geoff Tate. As singer/songwriter he sang in several (cover) rock/metalbands and different (solo)projects. It was a dream to be the leadsinger in a progressive symphonic rockband and now...he joins Leap Day. This is a creative experience, a challenge and a new journey.

Eddie Mulder

Since Eddie was six years old he's been an active guitar player. Though he has surrounded himself with all sorts of music all of his life, it is particularly the symphonic or progressive rock from the 70's that has been, and still is, a main influence for him on both playing and composing. Eddie is involved with the following bands: French Connection, Trion, Two Faces, Pink Faces and of course Leap Day. The gear Eddie's playing with within Leap Day consists of two Galama Stratocasters, Art effects an AT& T amplification.

Koen Roozen

In 1978 he started his first real band with a couple of friends and colleagues: Endless Road (a song of the Dutch band ‘Focus’). In 1984 he moved to the east of Holland. Together with André Cents, Marcel Derix and a female singer they started the rock band “Stiffener”. When he moved to Bakkeveen in 1989, he was looking again for a new band. In 1993 he started the band Flamborough Head. Koen was the one who initialized Leap Day, which took him eventually more than two years.

Harry Scholing

He started back in 1975 as a guitar player. Five years later he became the bass player of the band Vanilla In that band he worked for a few years with Eddie. In those years he listened a lot to bands like Alquin, Solution, Yes, King Crimson, Weather Report, UK and so on. After Vanilla he continued to make music in two other bands together with Eddie. After this, their roads would split for 35 years. He ended up in the music scene of Zwolle and  played in bands like Genuine Leather and the Dupe. After that he played in Leon And The Lions and until this very day he is still in a band called Van Lunteren. All cover bands with a soul, blues and rock repertoire. And now after all these years he can express his love for symphonic/prog rock in Leap Day. An opportunity that came to him as a very welcome surprise.

Derk Evert Waalkens

D.E. started out as a small kid playing drums on cardboard boxes and using mom's pans for cymbals. He also explored the bright sounds of a broken piano. At the age of fifteen he started playing keys in several bands and project. Most memorable where Face to Face, Harrie Rijnbergen and King Eider. Commercially those where no highlights but gave nevertheless lots of fun. Besides playing keys Derk Evert's also busy as a producer. Besides the more traditional instruments and sounds from Hammond, CP70-piano, Mellotron and stringpads he doesn't avoid more experimental sounds.
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Former band members: Peter Stel (2008 - 2018) Jos Harteveld (2008 - 2020)
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